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Active – North Tyneside

Active North Tyneside will help you get active and feel the benefits of living a longer and healthier life. The aim of Active North Tyneside is to get the residents of North Tyneside to move more and live more by being physically active everyday. 

Today is your day, live healthy and be proud!

Cruse Bereavement Care

We offer one to one support for bereaved people in the Area. In addition we have recently started offering support children and young people.

Please contact us to find out more about our services.

Tel: 0191 276 5533
Email: [email protected]

St Gabriel’s Centre
2 St Gabriel’s Avenue,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Independent Advocacy North East

Advocacy is not new. it is part of everyday life. People advocate (or speak up) every day for themselves, for their children, for their relatives and for their friends.

NHS Help Card

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are supporting a new initiative from NHS North East 

The NHS Help Card has been designed to give extra help and support to people whenever they visit a NHS hospital, GP surgery, dentist or optician with the aim of improving access and patient experience at the point of service.

North of Tyne Working Homes

Specifically aimed at any social housing tenants.

Residents may be living in a property with North Tyneside
Homes or any other social housing such as Bernicia, Places
for People, The Guinness Trust, Karbon or any other provider
with housing stock in North Tyneside.

Our advisors will meet with residents in the most accessible venue for them and work closely with the housing teams to ensure any changes in their circumstances support stability in their homes.

Call us now for an informal chat: 0191 295 2355

Further information

North Tyneside age UK

We’re a local charity working in the community to support older people, their families and carers. We want everyone to be able to love later life.

North Tyneside Council have also produced a useful leaflet that you may find helpful.

North Tyneside Council

Information, support and guidance on services proved by North Tyneside council.

Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland

We offer face-to-face confidential counselling, telephone helpline, email support and specialist information.

Safe Place Scheme in North Tyneside

North Tyneside Council has developed a Safe Place scheme to support vulnerable people to feel safe when they’re out and about in the borough.

SIGN – North Tyneside Directory

SIGN North Tyneside brings together information about activities, events and services for residents living within North Tyneside. It can help you find out what’s happening in your local area. You can also find out about support and equipment for your home, activities within your community, and services to meet your care and support needs.