Young People

Recommended Digital Resources for Young People

  • SAM – self help for anxiety management, for all ages designed to help people manage and record their anxiety. Users can record their anxiety levels and identify different triggers. The app includes 25 self-help options to help users cope with the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.
  • Virtual Hope – The Virtual Hope Box (VHB) is designed as an accessory for treatment. Contains simple tools to help patients with coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking. Users can choose from different activities – distract me, inspire me, relax me and coping tools. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • Smiling Minds – For all ages (from 7 years+). Guided meditations, bite size options, categorised in age groups. Helps with thoughts and feelings and to self check on mood. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • Calm Harm – For young people who have already started the process of gaining an understanding of their self harm issues. Provides tasks to resist or manage the urge to self harm. Four categories of tasks – distract, comfort, express, release. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • SuperBetter – Designed to increase resilience – the ability to stay strong motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. Designed as a game to appeal to gamers. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • WorryTime – for Ages 12+. The theory behind the app is that you can’t control the thoughts that pop into your head but you can control what you do with them. This app allows users to control everyday stress and anxiety by acting as a place to store your daily worries. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • Mindfulness Daily – For relaxation, stress management, support for depression and anxiety. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • WellMind – For all ages – designed to help cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Includes advice, tips and tools to improve mental health and boost well-being. This is available on iTunes and Google play.
  • Breathe2Relax – Breath2Relax is a hands on diaphragmatic breathing exercise tool. This is available on iTunes and Google play.


  • ReachOut Australia – Not a UK website but a great resource.
  • Young Minds – a great resource covering most mental health issues.
  • Self Harm UK – dedicated to young people who self harm. For all young people at the beginning for their recovery journey.

YouTube Channels

WatchWellCast – An excellent resource. Short video developed in a way that are accessible to young people.


Brook has services across the UK providing free and confidential sexual health services to young people under 25. Our Find a Service tool lets you search all services in England – not just Brook. If you haven’t visited Brook before, our visiting Brook page will tell you what to expect and if you need help urgently, we’ve got all the key numbers you need.


Want someone to understand or advice to help a friend? We offer free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.

We’re here for you.

Streetwise Young People’s Project

Advice, sexual health, guidance and counselling for young people aged 13-25 years old living in the North East.

Teenage Health Check

As you approach your 16th birthday the practice will invite you to attend for a teenage health check. Within your invitation will be a a guide for young people written by  the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners). At the same time a different guide for parents written by the RCGP will be forwarded to your parent/guardian.

If you wish to ask us about anything in relation to the Teenage Health Check invitation please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a produced a young person’s information leaflet which may be of interest.

The Mix

The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people. We are here to help you take on any challenge you’re facing – from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs. Talk to us via online, social or our free, confidential helpline.

Young People’s Experiences provides free, reliable information about health issues, by sharing people’s real-life experiences. You can watch people sharing their stories about cancer, autism, motor-neurone disease, pregnancy, drugs, depression and much more.